Securing Business Permits


Free Download Business Permit's Unified Form
1. Secure the Application Form from the Business Permits & Licenses Office at City Hall, Xevera 2. File or Submit the Application Form together with the following Documentary Documents: 2.1 Basic Requirements -oOo- 2.1.1 DTI/SEC/CDA Registered Name 2.1.2 Community Tax Certificate or Cedula (for Business) 2.1.3 Barangay Clearance where business is located 2.2 Building Clearance from Building Official’s Office 2.2.1 Bring Barangay Clearance (for business) 2.2.2 Bring Building/Occupancy Permit 2.3 Zoning Clearance from the City Planning Officer 2.3.1 Bring Barangay Clearance 2.4 Sanitary Permit (secure such from RHUI, RHU2, & RHU3 as the case may be) 2.4.1 Bring result of Chest X-ray 2.4.2 Bring Urinalysis result applicable for all employees 2.4.3 Bring Stool Exam result NOTE: Applicable for all Food & Non-Food Establishments For those applying Sanitary Permit for the establishment of Water Stations, the following are additional requirements: - Sanitary Engineer’s Report & Plan - Bacteriology Test for Raw & Finish Products - Physical-Chemical Test - Certification Course for water station and plant operators (40 hrs training) - Application Letter for Operation Permit - Certificate of Portability - Drinking Water Site Clearance - Endorsement Letter to Provincial Health Office (PHO) - Endorsement Letter of PHO to CHD3 - Approval of Operational Permit For Industrial Establishments -oOo- - Environmental Compliance Certificate from DENR (ECC) For the establishment of Poultries/Piggeries - Environmental Certificate (ECC) - Permit to Operate from EMB of DENR - Discharge permit from EMB of DENR For the establishment of Night Clubs/Videoke Bars - Pink Card For the establishment of Funeral Parlors - Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) - License of Embalmer For the establishment of Drug Stores - BFAD (License to Operate) - License of Pharmacist
For Hospitals, Medical and Dental Clinics, Birthing Homes and Laboratories

- DENR Clearance - Certificate of Non-Coverage ECC(Environmental Compliance Certificate)
- Waste water testing results (Based on classification of establishment)
- Proof of Ownership
- Business Name - DTI (Address must be on actual location)
- DOH - Trained Pollution Control Officer (PCO) with
Contract of Employment and DENR Accredited
- Sanitary Plans - Drainage / Waste water treatment / STP / Water Supply System
- Engineers report and plan of water supply source (3" dia. & above) & Operational Clearance
- Certificate of a Health Care Waste Management Seminar from the Department of Health
- Copy of Contract with Health Care Waste Service Provider

2.5 Assessment and Approval of Payment (BPLO) 2.5.1 Fill-out & Verify Application Form & Accomplished Requirements 2.5.2 Previous Year Gross Income Statement (ITR) 2.5.3 Previous Year of Business Permit O.R. 3. Payment (City Treasurer’s Office) 3.1 Make payment only at the City Treasurer’s Office 4. Fire Certificate (Bureau of Fire Protection) 4.1 Assessed Application Form and Approval from concerned officer 4.2 Complete Requirements 5. Releasing ( Issuance of Business Permits)