City Mayor


Mayor Marino P. MoralesHon. Marino P. Morales is the incumbent City Mayor of Mabalacat.  He was re-elected in the just concluded mid-term election on May 13, 2013 election wherein he edged over his political nemesis, the former Vice Mayor Noelito C. Castro and Nolito Castro.

Mayor Boking as he is fondly called by his constituents, was born on November 15, 1950 in Barangay Dau, this city from a prominent family, the Pineda-Morales clan.  Now at the age of 61 years old, the honorable mayor is considered as an "Achiever".  From a 3rd class municipality, he succeeded to convert Mabalacat into a 1st class town and eventually into a Component City of the Province of Pampanga.

He first joined politics in the year 1988 when he was elected as Vice Mayor.  In the 1995 election, he succesfully gained the office of the mayor with a wide margin of votes over his political rivals.  The annual income of the municipality then was only at 36.7M but was able to increase the income to 64.3M in 1996, one year after he assumed office.  Two years later as he gained great thrust in governance, the town's category was certified by the BLGF as 1st class municipality.  In a span of 4 years, 1995-1999, the good mayor successfully increased its resources into the coffer of the municipality to 101.1M annual income.

In terms of development, education is given with the highest priority and high regard by the honorable mayor.  At the start of his incumbency as mayor, there were no public high schools in this locality.  Now, there are twelve public high schools established, first to be established was the Mabalacat National High School in Sitio San Isidro in Barangay Dau and still increasing in numbers.  It was four years ago, 2008, when the Mabalacat City College was established charging minimal tuition fees of P4T only per semester.  However, starting this school year 2012-2013 second semester, the tuition fee is proposed to be free and its legislative process is being facilitated by the City Council.

Second on his priority agenda is Health Care.  Birthing Stations were established in three resettlement centers, Madapdap, Mawaque & Camatchiles.  In addition, there are also stations being established in three rural health centers, one in Barangay Dau which is now operational, another in Barangay Mabiga and in Barangay Poblacion which are being constructed.  These birthing stations cater not only to pre & post natal care, but accept minor surgical procedures and medical consultation for free.

In his inaugural speech very recently, the able mayor has announced his plan to establish a community hospital to best serve his constituents in terms of health care.  He plans to enter in a joint venture with SM or Puregold to build a new 4 storey public market at the same site with parking lots and commercial stores in the upper floors.  Before his new mandate ends in 2016, a firetruck and additional police patrol cars be procured to sustain the peace and order situation in the city.  However, the solid waste management be given high priority which is considered the great problem of all LGUs. 

In terms of infrastructure projects, concreting of barangay roads and construction of multi-purpose halls and covered courts are only few of the many undertakings of the incumbent City Mayor.

It was in 1999 when the proposed cityhood was conceived by the city mayor considering the annual income of the town has reached P101.1M but only few were became aware of it.  It was on July 21, 2012 when the municipality has acquired its corporate existence through a Plebiscite.  R.A. No. 10164, An Act Coverting the Municipality of Mabalacat in the Province of Pampanga into Component City was passed and approved in Congress, subsequently, a referendum was set up by the COMELEC.  Before 12 o'clock mid-night of July 21, Election Officer Frank David of the COMELEC has proclaimed that the "Affirmative Votes" has won over the negative votes by 44% of the total votes cast.

This year 2013, considering the annual budget of the city of P581M, Mayor Morales has announced his master plan in the transformation of the city into a City of Peace, Beauty & Prosperity, a Gateway to the World... Mabalacat City as the next "Makati North of Manila".